Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A nice surprise

After a tiring day at work I arrived home to find a package at the door, it looked like a book but I hadn't ordered anything - so I opened the box and found this very nice book from Bead & Button magazine -

Inside is an article for earrings I designed that originally appeared in this issue of Bead & Button

How nice to see it in a hardbound book with all the other lovely projects

Here are some close ups of the earrings - I call these my "specimen" pictures - they're not very interesting photos, I just pin 'em to a card and shoot.

The center beads are 12 mm, 8 mm and fire polish drops.


Sea Witch said...

What a wonderful surprise and what lovely earrings. It is always exciting to be published. Sea Witch

Karen Valentine said...

How exciting to see your work published in a book like that!! The earrings are lovely! Thanks for stopping over for a visit!

My Desert Cottage

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Gorgeous earrings! Just right for a gypsy...or for somebody special!