Saturday, November 14, 2009

New old stuff

I have a job that occasionally requires a lot of my time and then I go and take a class in payroll accounting - so poor me! no time to spend in my studio. Just spreadsheets, journal entries, withholding tables and tax forms. But I did take some time out for the Jerome Humane Society's semi-annual rummage sale and here are some finds:

pretty Japanese teacups

an English teapot

enamel dishes, lots of old jewelry to re-purpose

a fierce Indonesian? puppet

and a needlepoint pillow to "Victorian up" with tassels and fringes and all that. The money from the sale benefits animals - so lots of great stuff for a good cause.

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icandy... said...

Oh, soooo pretty! And for such a good cause, too! I'm very happy for you! You have to start decorating for Christmas so we can show off our pictures together!!