Saturday, June 22, 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013!

Yes, it's that time again - the annual studio cleaing begins! Come and join the fun, to share your studio or creative space just click the button on the sidebar and sign up. Many thanks to Karen Valentine of "My Desert Cottage" for hosting another year of beautiful studios!
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fall off the planet?

Well, I certainly fell off the blogging planet. There were health issues in December - nosebleeds that led to the ER and hospital. There were health issues in January - more nosebleeds that led to the ENT doctor and an answer to the gushing nose problem - allergies. Who woulda thought? Then there was catch-up at work. 

Creatively I was lost in the woods - I've felt this way before and when it happens, it's time to sit quitely and wait. Wait for a little bird to land on a branch near you and say "See that glimmer - over there - in the distance? That's the way to the path!" Ok, I see the glimmer. 

 I'll climb back on the planet and get creating...