Sunday, July 15, 2012

WBC Studio Tour!

Welcome to my studio - a bit late, but I'm going to blame it on Mother Nature. My studio is an un-heated, un-cooled, un-insulated garden shed in Arizona. I can handle it when it's 100 degrees but not 108 in the shade, which is what it's been lately and I've had a lot of work to do to get ready! The summer rains arrived this week which cooled things down but now the outdoors is wet and I do a lot of my stuff outside.

Brownie poked his nose out...

and says "Hi" through raindrops on the camera lens.

The maple trees and tomatoes were happy - what could be nicer than rain and sunshine.

The sunflowers weren't too happy with the gray skies...

So between flashes of lightning, rumbles of thunder and lots of rain...

Enter the Enchanted Forest, the sun is shining, the birds are singing...

the gnomes are tending mushroom gardens and the studio is open.

The jewelry making end of the workbench with tiny plastic drawers full of neat stuff, like...

a hand painted spool wrapped in ribbon.

The other end of the workbench...

complete with inspiration and a curious dragon.

Built in shelves opposite the workbench hide the clutter.

This is my find of the year -  a metal card case with just the right amount of wear and rust. Set out for trash! All I had to do was haul it off!

Look at all those drawers - I've put all my seed beads, findings and a few projects away and still have some empty drawers. It's taken a lot of time to reorganize my studio, and there's still a lot to do but I'm always thinking about the next project and I like to put my ideas down on something decorative, like journaling cards. So here are some for you - print them on card stock, about the size of a postcard and use them to keep track of all your crafty ideas!

Henry David Thoreau

Thank you for visiting my studio and many thanks to Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage for hosting this wonderful party!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Steak & Cake

Now that the fireworks are over, the grill needs cleaning and the watermelon's been gobbled, it's time to say Happy Birthday to Brownie. He's impressed that people have fireworks on his birthday but he really likes the grilling. Meat bites and cake bites make a happy dog.

He didn't want his picture taken, so I had to sneak up while he was sniffing the zucchini. Maybe he's camera-shy because we had his fur shaved - he's certainly cooler!

Happy 5th Birthday dear friend!