Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fairy in a jar . . .

I've noticed a lot of people have captured fairies in decorated jars; while it must be nice to always have a fairy around, I don't like to see creatures in cages - so - I thought I'd decorate a jar and see if a fairy would move in. Totally free to come and go, maybe just hang around the studio for a bit -

Lots of glitter and sparkle, pretty flowers and some rhinestones - I'd like to move in! Now it's time to be quiet and wait.


icandy... said...

oh, this is so great!!! how nice of you to allow one (or two) to come and go as they please....but, of course, you're in the hat!

Penny said...

I am in agreement with you- fairies should never be held captive, they need to come and go as they please. Your fairy jar is very inviting. I would alight in it if I was FAIRY.

Julie Ann said...

What a beautiful resting place for a fairy!! I'm sure if one lands there, she will bring you magic and beauty!