Friday, August 14, 2009

This blog needs a banner...

The first step: print the letters on card stock, then paint with an airbrush.

Tissue paper and foam core for the background -

Lots of glue for texture, then paint, more glue, more paint

The letters on their background with sparkly trim and red paper lace edging -

The test photo; I like the background but it's not what I'm looking for - maybe I'll use it next spring. Fall is just around the corner, my favorite season, and time for pumpkins and black cats!

Remember that tidy studio? Here's the reality - I do clean up between projects.


Musings of a Sea Witch said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It is colorful, inviting and full of joy. Sea Witch

icandy... said...

Wowza!!! You are so talented! Love the making of the banner, girlie! I have to clean my studio each time I create... it looks like a bomb went off between projects!

Lorraine said...

I come from icandy, she so impresses me that I want to see her visitors, but she's got soooo many, and I have 3 blogs and facebook, but wow you have magic and gypsy 2 of my three favourite words (the other is stuff) I took one look and I got sizzles, so I'll visit more later, 'cause wow you're talented, and creative and a magic gypsy, well of course you're one of Icandy's visitor ;)

Lorraine said...

You don't know this, but I drop in every morning, to get a good dose of creativity every time ;) I'm not clear on the paint with an hairbrush, if you know you get a chance to get into details about it, this not too-savvy craft person would be much obliged ;)

the gypsy said...

Oops - it should have read "THEN paint with an airbrush" - not "THE paint with an airbrush"; I changed it. I use a very old Paasche V airbrush, which doesn't look anything like a paint brush. It's about the size of a large pen and you hook it up to an air compressor - mine goes put, put, put but it should go ssssssssss - and you put paint in a cup attached to the side and press a lever to mix the paint and air. The mix is controled by the lever and that's how you create the gradations. The airbrush was popular in the 1940's - think pin-ups. Now-a-days people use Photoshop to do this, but I don't have Photoshop so I do it old school.