Friday, January 21, 2011

A Sparkle Fairy Named Mavis

I disappear from my blog for a while – so what do I do while I’m gone? Well, I make stuff! Or I finish stuff. Like the fairy in a jar that was started long ago…


DCF 1.0

Her name is Mavis and she’s a Sparkle Fairy – the type of fairy that puts the twinkle in glitter, the flash in rhinestones and the glimmer in sunlight on water.  She moved in to the jar right away, no doubt because of all that glitter, and waited patiently for me to finish the lid. She didn’t stamp her wee foot, not even once, but she did mention the other fairies were beginning to talk. So I finished the lid, the center is paper – to keep the room dust out, the fairy dust in – and doesn’t stop the comings and goings of a fairy. The ring has glitter ribbon and vintage rhinestone trim, a ribbon rose and velvet leaves adorn the top.

DCF 1.0


She keeps me company in the studio…

DCF 1.0



Some other studio happenings…

DCF 1.0

This necklace and the amethyst necklace above were published in Somerset's magazine “Jewelry Affaire”

DCF 1.0


DCF 1.0

Thrill! Thrill! Thrill! Beautiful photos and a lovely article!

And off I go to make more stuff!


CailinMarie said...

congrats on being published! yay for you! and the fairy jar is marvelous!

Dezinaworld said...

Ohhh i love your beautiful fairy, its inspiring and i may just have to make some fairies in jars too.your art is gorgeous, i just had to follow
Also i wanted to let you know there is a freebie on my dezinaworld blog today. its just for one day.
have a wonderful week
hugs June

CathyH said...

Awesome! Your art is so pretty! Congratulations on getting published too

Laura Knight said...

Your fairy lady is simply glorious and so whimsical! I've never seen anything quite like her. I just love everything sparkly, glittery, and shiny. I bet you could make a pretty penny selling things like this. <3

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

The sparkle fairy is just wonderful! Congratulations on getting published as well. That is very exciting! Connie