Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Studio Happenings

DCF 1.0

A beautiful sunset, the July rains are here.  I’m still working on organizing my studio after redecorating which is why I had to get this stuff out of the yard…


DCF 1.0

Ugh, what a mess!


DCF 1.0

But a homely little shelf helps and I’ll cover the front with fabric to hide the plastic boxes – the recent WBC studio tour has inspired me to hide as many of my storage boxes as possible. So many beautiful vintage style studios had no visible plastic.



DCF 1.0

How nice to be back at work!



DCF 1.0

The Sea Nymph pendant from the original studio posting is now a necklace…


DCF 1.0

in shades of sea green, gray, bronze and antique copper…


DCF 1.0

on the back of the pendant is a cute frog.



DCF 1.0

More pendants.



DCF 1.0

This is a necklace of paper, fiber and vintage beads I made a while back – it’s studio decor when I’m not wearing it.

Now, off to make stuff!


icandy... said...

LOVIN' that necklace, girl!
isn't it nice to have the studio back???
keep up the fanastic work, sweets!

oldgreymare said...

Thank you for stopping by oldgreymare. So you are a bead artist. I am very much a beginner hanging out with some very experienced gals.

I see you have been redoing your studio too. I think studios around the world look better after WBC. I still laugh to think of all these women all working on their studios at the same time...We need a clean your garage party. Do you think that would work?


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

All of those studios were inspirational. I hope you post your 'after'. Your 'before' was nice so it will be fun to see what changes you made. Love your necklaces! Connie

maría cecilia said...

Thank you for visiting me back... hope you had already redecorated your lovely tiny studio!!!!
maria cecilia

Wooden Chest Studio said...

Great creations! Looking forward to seeing you studio.

Laura Knight said...

You have an amazing studio! I wish I had room for something like that, and such a great supply of materials! Looks like you have a great fun job :D