Thursday, March 11, 2010


The apricot trees are blooming…

DCF 1.0

Spring must be here in western Washington, er, Arizona! It’s been raining every weekend for over a month ( it seems) and it’s my fault. I used to live in Washington so the webs are growing between my toes and slug-a-palooza is happening under the porch. And yes, it’s my fault; I decided to paint my studio, I only need three week-end days without rain; all the stuff is in boxes and it can sit outside while I redecorate – but not when outside is so soggy!

DCF 1.0

Painting can wait – I’ll squish around the yard and enjoy the beautiful flowers and clean, fresh air. Happy spring!


Denise said...

Oops! Don't let the word out that it's all your fault! It's supposed to snow here on Saturday. I think we're all sick of this yuky weather, huh!

Lorraine said...

Your photos are beautiful, and all excuses are acccepted when you're an artist, being moody is part of the pattern...;)