Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ah, January…

For those who do payroll you know what a busy month January is; I do payroll as well as a lot of other stuff. So January has gone by (almost) and I haven’t seen my studio but I did take a few pictures. There’s a major storm system coming through Arizona and the hills are dusted with snow - this is Mingus Mountain.

DCF 1.0



The colors of red rocks and desert after a night of  rain - looking toward Sycamore Canyon.

DCF 1.0

From the land of snow advisories and flash flood warnings – stay dry and warm!


Sea Witch said...

As long as you are doing payroll, send me a check too! Lovely photos. I miss Arizona for all its beauty. I lived in Flag for several years and adore Jerome. Such beauty in this vast state. Sea Witch

piggy said...

Gypsy- thanks for stopping by for a visit. I love your beautiful photos and am drooling over your vintage finds...your jewels are lovely too!
Hogs & Kisses