Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time for Tea!

Welcome and Merry Meet! It's time for Halloween tea.

It's such a lovely time of year - let's take a stroll through the woods...

Down the path...

Over the stream...

Look - a fairy house! I hear giggling, watch out. The last time I came by they chased a skunk onto the path, this group is rather naughty.

Ah, here we are. And the lights are on! Do you see them twinkling?

Tasty treats! The cupcakes with purple frosting are "Wytches Brew", made it myself, and those with green frosting are "Poisonous Toadstool", the toadstools are fresh from my garden. And the tea has a special ingredient - Black Cat Magic! To help you see better on dark nights and vanish into the shadows when you don't want to be seen. Now help yourself to as much as you'd like!

Oberon and I out gathering some Black Cat Magic.

"Only the best!", says Oberon.

Tasty treats and magical tea bring sweet dreams...

For more Halloween Tea Parties please visit Witches Tea Party and have a Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Boo! Halloween Party!

It's time for some spooky fun so grab your broom, cat, cup of tea and read on...

Alice wanted to visit Aunt Opal before returning to college so she wrote, and Aunt Opal replied. It was arranged that she would meet Alice at a certain spot and show her the way, but Alice was late. The directions said "Turn left at Cemetery Road", and late in the afternoon she found it...

She turned left, down the dirt road and found Aunt Opal waiting for her. "Your late, my dear, they've locked the gates early this evening, you'll have to park and we'll walk down." Aunt Opal was her father's odd sister, the one who lived in a run-down house with her black and white cat. She stood in the dirt road looking as much a part of the desert as the cactus, a bit dusty and faded.

We'll have to sneak around...

We must hurry - the sun has set and shadows fill the valley.

Yes, Alice, we have to go through the cemetery. Now don't trip!

Come along!

That's only the wind...

We're almost there.

Here it is - the gate...

Hurry through, down a bit and then you'll see the house.

No the house isn't haunted, well, not usually. Come on in, we'll close the door, turn on the light and lock out the night!

Here, have a seat - oh - just move the cat.

Her name is Titania and yes, she looks at everyone like that. She's the black and white cat of Dargaz, the Butterfly Goddess, our protector. Now have a seat and I'll fix us some tea.

What? You heard clanging? The rock falls are haunted...

The headframes moan and shudder on windless nights. Pay no never-mind to chains that rattle and wheels that turn, the long-dead miners toil in caverns deep to dig the phantom ore. You've had a long day, rest and I'll be back with tea.

Wake up, Alice. You had a dream, tell me...

Ah - Dargaz the Butterfly Goddess. From darkness to light.

Dargaz, Butterfly Goddess
Through dark, into light
Lady of the wood and meadow
Protect us on this blackest night

Now off to bed to my dear, and head no nightly noises!

I hope you've enjoyed a bit of spooky magic! Alice enjoyed her stay with Aunt Opal, and butterflies followed her always.

For more fun continue the party at A Fanciful Twist , and Thank You Vanessa Valencia for being our gracious hostess!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Texture Tuesday - Red!

I couldn't resist a rose for red - one of my favorite colours and flowers! The texture is "crackerjack", multiply 100% with a little removed over the center of the rose.

Happy Tuesday!