Sunday, November 21, 2010

Painted Rocks

The next “Crafting My Best Life” project was to find out what we value, distill those values into single words and put those words on painted rocks. Painting rocks is fun!

DCF 1.0

Finding the values meant answering questions like : when have you felt needed by others…, if I could muster up the courage I would …, when were you inspired…, and then condense the answers into a single word. Rocks were used because values are solid, what a great way to express that! I put the value of creativity on the big rock, because that’s so important to me now. Compassion is on the smallest rock so I can put it in my pocket and take it with me always.  Hozho is a Navajo word that’s translated as “beauty” but it’s like the beauty of being in balance with the universe. Sangha means community, it’s a value learned from Buddhism. The muslin bag came with the class kit – to hold our rocks, on it I wrote I will remember.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Raised By Wolves

I’ve been taking an online class: “Crafting My Best Life”, created and taught by Jenny Doh, the former editor of Somerset Studios wonderful publications. What an experience! The class is from CRESCENDOh Creative Lab where there are more great learning adventures!

First we had to find out “who am I”
DCF 1.0
We responded to a set of questions and created a self portrait using the answers.This is my self portrait, the central figure is from a painting done by my mother. Where are you from? San Diego and Palm Springs. What were you good at when you were 10 or 11? I loved science and bird-watching – so I used a microscope and a yellow bird. Who were your heroes? Henry David Thoreau and Keith Richards. Who raised you? My first response was “wolves”, well, I like that! So it’s official, I was raised by wolves and you can see one in the lower left corner!
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